Payment Options

Growing Hope Counseling has a number of payment options and accepts a number of insurances
Contact us to verify if your insurance is accepted
Insurance Benefits
Services may be covered in part or in full by your personal insurance plan.  
Check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:
  • "Do I have mental health insurance benefits?"
  • "How many sessions/year or per episode does my insurance cover?"
  • "What is my deductible and has it been met?"
  • "Do I have a co-pay  or co-insurance and if so, what is that amount?"
  • "Is prior authorization required for services?"
  • "When does my insurance rollover, when does my deductible start over?"
  • **Couples:  To inquire about Couples/Family counseling with your insurance carrier ask:
"Is 90847 covered under my benefit plan, with me as the primary patient?"​​
Concierge Care or the Self-pay way!
More and more, the restrictions by 3rd party payors is dictating what care clients receive and how/when they can receive it.  One way to chart your own healthcare course is to choose "Concierge Care".  
What can I expect?
  • Privacy!  No longer worry about what personal information your provider has to give your insurer.
  • Choose a provider that fits you rather than one your insurer picks for you.
  • Obtain referrals or continue utilizing services as long as YOU need rather than pre-determined 'cap' established by insurers.
  • More flexibility! Meet in person or online, from the privacy of your home or hotel room!
Contact Us for more information and pricing options on Concierge care!

Growing Hope Counseling Fee Philosophy

It is the goal of Growing Hope to offer affordable and professional counseling services that are accessible to all those seeking help. The regular fees are set slightly below market value* for similar services in the Treasure Valley.


*For those experiencing temporary financial hardship, feel free to contact me and we can discuss potential options for care.